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Our Story

lessons music the rock and metal academy  singing maryville tn voice the bird and the book

Hi, I’m Robyn!

I'm the owner and vocal coach at

The Rock & Metal Academy!

My mission is to bring joy and

fulfillment to your life through music.

I’ve always wanted to make people happy. I’m the annoying extrovert who tries to involve the wallflowers, fight the bullies, and encourage everyone to express the wonderfully unique persons that they are. Largely because I was the wallflower, the bullied, the unconfident for most of my childhood. Then I turned goth and stayed that way. And even though I stopped caring if people liked me, I wanted even more for people to love and express themselves. The path that I’ve chosen to help people, or rather the path that chose me, is music.


for both light and dark emotions, and everything in between. When we reach the limits of our voice and speech and sounds to express the depths and nuances of our feelings, music begins.

When I started the Academy in 2010, I honestly just thought it was a cool business idea. A way to be my own boss and make a living having fun. I had no idea how invested I would become in my work, my community, and—of utmost importance—my students. When I begin to mentor a student finding their voice, on whichever instrument of choice, I become connected. Not only to developing their musical skill, but to finding the meaning that musical skill has to their identity and nourishing it, helping them bloom into the artist and person they’re meant to be.


My greatest reward is when a student creates a sound that frees them. That finally makes them feel heard, to feel recognized. To others and, most of all, to themselves. I’ve even had the great honor of hiring some of my most dedicated students to teach the next generation of students after them.

lessons music the rock and metal academy the bird and the book singing voice maryville tn
lessons music the rock and metal academy maryville tn the bird and the book singing voice guitar screaming

I have the best job in the world, and not because of the music.

I have the best job in the world because I get to help people in ways that only music can reach.

lessons music the rock and metal academy maryville tn

At the Academy, we insist that you show up exactly as you are.

Cry. Swear. Rage.


Then discover the love and acceptance of your teachers and peers who understand that need for musical expression.


And then when we perform happy music, we’re truly happy.


Come find your potential.

And your people.


Robyn & RMA are proud to collaborate with Blount Pride to uplift the LGBTQ+ community of Blount County. 

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