Unleash the power, emotion and artistry of your natural singing voice!

  • Do you dream of being a great singer, but you're not sure how to get started?

  • Do you want to expand your vocal range so that you can sing your favorite songs better and more easily?

  • Can you already sing, but you want to learn how to improve your stage performance skills and confidence?


If you've ever doubted that you could become a good singer, or if you've ever been too shy to sing in front of others, we at The Rock and Metal Academy are here to help you realize the power of YOUR VOICE and give you the desire and opportunity to be heard! 

Hi, I'm Robyn, and I teach vocal lessons here at The Rock and Metal Academy! I founded the Academy and have been guiding artists to discover their potential for over 10 amazing years.

I'm proud to say that my students not only increase their ability as vocalists, but gain confidence and experience through application, training and regular performance opportunities here at The Rock and Metal Academy.

When you join our Vocal Program, you receive world-class training and benefits that you won't get anywhere else:


  • learn to sing in a fun, supportive environment--There's no need to be shy!

  • gain the confidence in yourself to sing in front of others

  • unleash the power of your natural voice

  • experience singing to live music so you'll be more than a mere karaoke singer

  • learn proper mic and stage etiquette to feel at home on the stage and deliver AMAZING performances

  • train your ear to eliminate hitting wrong notes

  • develop skills and knowledge to become a creative vocalist through improvising and free-styling

  • practice SMART and SAFE techniques to prevent damaging your vocal cords

  • become great frontman/frontwoman material with ATTITUDE & STAGE PRESENCE

  • perfect your timing and proper technique to become a GREAT singer

  • exercise your vocal cords to develop your MAXIMUM range

Q. What styles of music do you teach?

When looking for the right singing lessons, it's important to find someone who specializes in the styles you want to learn. We specialize in - and LOVE - teaching Contemporary techniques in Pop, Rock, RnB, Alternative, Country, Broadway/Showtunes, Punk, and Metal.

We do not teach rap, opera, or praise/religious music.


Q. Don't I need "Natural Talent" in order to become a great musician?

“Natural Talent” is irrelevant to your potential as a musician. Becoming a great musician takes follow-through: performing the correct and consistent actions necessary for your body and mind to learn and improve. As a student at The Rock and Metal Academy, you will be trained to set goals and meet them every time you come in. Even more, you'll learn how to practice between lessons so that you become ACTUALLY talented as soon as possible.

Don't Waste Any More Time.

Become a Better Singer Today!


Becoming a musician is a lifestyle, one in which you better yourself throughout your journey as you learn, accomplish, and master the techniques and skills you need to express yourself through music. We want to help you along your journey – whether you are just getting started with music or you have been on the road for years.


You deserve a teacher who wants the very best for you and who can help you find the very best in yourself. Music is transformative, and at The Rock and Metal Academy, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your own musical excellence and exceed all of your musical goals. Sign up for your FREE Musical Assessment by clicking the button below:

P.S. Imagine how good of a musician you would be TODAY if you had started lessons with us 5 years ago, 3 years ago, or even just 1 year ago. Don’t waste any more time or frustration on being a lesser version of the musician you’re meant to be! GET STARTED RIGHT NOW
P.P.S. I know taking the first step is always the toughest part of the journey. You have to ask yourself, how much is it costing you in time, money, and potential happiness to not be doing this? Do yourself a huge favor and GET STARTED TODAY so that you can become the musician you’ve always dreamed of being!